Protect the Elders

Spoken Word Artist Alex Luu shares an original piece in response to the surge in anti-Asian violence.


The cornerstones, the coarsed hands, 

The weather watchers and witnesses

The well-wishers, 

The fortune praying fruit slicers,

The survivors


The uncle’s, the auntie’s, the parents of parents,

The generations of learned lessons and rule breakers

The old prophets, 

The new legends

All historians


The still-hungry, war torn, 

Ship sailors, the flag and the bearers,

Each elder, a dynasty worth defending

An ancient version of you

You will become.


With the rise of anti-Asian attacks in America, the elderly, who are the honorable pillars of our community and our most vulnerable demographic, have encountered harassment, assault, and fatal acts of violence. Stop AAPI Hate, a reporting database created at the beginning of the pandemic as a response to the increase in racial violence, received 2,808 reports of anti-Asian discrimination between March 19 and December 31, 2020.

After a lifetime of survival, our senior citizens deserve the dignity of safety and respect. After a lifetime of alienation, our grandparents are owed compassion and affection. Follow these resources to find out how you can help:–toolkits.html

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