Now You Kno. About Full Time Freelance + Hustle

With Brand Strategist Melissa Alam

Taking the time to listen to someone else’s story can help us understand the world differently. It allows us to connect with and ultimately honor the humanity in one another while expanding our everyday perspective. Introducing Now You Kno.: An IGTV coffee chat series sharing stories and advice from change making creators of color brought to you in partnership with La Colombe

In our second episode: “Now You Kno. About Full Time Freelance + Hustle,” Brand Strategist Melissa Alam shares her journey to becoming a full time freelancer and offers her tips for other freelancers to stay productive, lean into their skills and more. 

“I started to realize the void I was filling in the freelancer community in Philly.” Melissa shares during the coffee chat. “I quit my full time job so I could spend more time learning during the day and was working all these random jobs,” she continues while discussing her journey to becoming a full time freelancer and building out her business. Melissa is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, brand strategist and photographer based out of Philadelphia. She works with creative entrepreneurs and bold brands to create, design and execute strategies that increase sales, gain more exposure and inspire communities.

Check out the second episode on IGTV here and use our promo code “NOWYOUKNO15” for 15% off your La Colombe needs. 

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