Now You Kno. About Art + Social Impact

With International Street Artist Sneha Shrestha

Taking the time to listen to someone else’s story can help us understand the world differently. It allows us to connect with and ultimately honor the humanity in one another while expanding our everyday perspective. Introducing Now You Kno.: An IGTV coffee chat series sharing stories and advice from change making creators of color brought to you in partnership with La Colombe

In our third episode: “Now You Kno. About Art + Social Impact,” Street Artist Sneha Shrestha discusses the importance of harnessing the power of your mind, navigating the world of street artistry, merging two cultures and more.

“Once I started working in Boston, I was introduced to graffiti and murals and street art and that blew my mind,” Sneha shares about her journey in the art world. “[Graffiti] is an art form based on letters that you stylize and you get to express yourself and your personality. So when I stumbled on to the idea of writing in my native letters, I was like ‘this feels very real.’”

Sneha is a Boston based artist, educator and social entrepreneur originally from Nepal who paints mindful mantras and larger than life murals in her native language. She’s also the first to mesh Nepali Alphabets with American graffiti and is our latest guest in our Now You Kno. series. 

Check out the third episode on IGTV here and use our promo code “NOWYOUKNO15” for 15% off your La Colombe needs. 


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