Now You Kno. About Entrepreneurship + Small Business

With Tamon George + Gary Williams, Co-Founders of Creative Theory Agency

Taking the time to listen to someone else’s story can help us understand the world differently. It allows us to connect with and ultimately honor the humanity in one another while expanding our everyday perspective. Introducing Now You Kno.: An IGTV coffee chat series sharing stories and advice from change making creators of color brought to you in partnership with La Colombe

In our first episode: “Now You Kno. About Entrepreneurship + Small Business,” Creative Theory Agency Co-Founders Tamon George and Gary Williams share their founder journeys, overcoming self-doubt as an entrepreneur, advice for small businesses to pivot with purpose and more.

“The most rewarding part of the journey is the ability to hire other folks that look like me. Black people.” Gary shares during the coffee chat. Creative Theory Agency is a D.C. based culture-focused, full service agency amplifying voices, and telling necessary stories that overturn common narratives. 

Check out the first episode on IGTV here and use our promo code “NOWYOUKNO15” for 15% off your La Colombe needs. 

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