Now You Kno. About Fashion + Focus

With Fashion Designer, Fe Noel

Taking the time to listen to someone else’s story can help us understand the world differently. It allows us to connect with and ultimately honor the humanity in one another while expanding our everyday perspective. Introducing Now You Kno.: An IGTV coffee chat series sharing stories and advice from change making creators of color brought to you in partnership with La Colombe

In our fifth episode: “Now You Kno. About Fashion + Focus,” Fashion Designer, Fe Noel, founder of namesake brand Fe Noel, discusses the importance of staying true to yourself, why failure is key, trusting what you have within you to guide you on your path to success and more.

“I’m not trying to be the next Alexander McQueen, or Chanel or the next Ralph Lauren. I’m trying to be Fe Noel and that has never been done before. So that gives me my power.” Fe shares about the work she is doing on a daily basis.

Fe is a Brooklyn-based designer whose much-loved namesake brand is largely inspired by her Grenadian heritage, is known for its one of a kind statement pieces and is the latest guest on our Now You Kno. series.  

Check out the fifth episode on IGTV here and use our promo code “NOWYOUKNO15” for 15% off your La Colombe needs. 

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