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The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone, everywhere and has caused massive changes to our daily lives — but the pandemic is affecting various groups differently.

It is deepening pre-existing inequalities while exposing vulnerabilities in economic, social, health and political systems. Vulnerabilities that have devastating consequences for women in particular.

This first issue of our new digital zine INSPIRED is a round up of some of our favorite female-focused content and is dedicated to each and every woman affected by the global pandemic.

Created in partnership with Creative Theory Agency, INSPIRED will share a range of voices meant to uplift and inspire us all. Moving forward on our own timeline, we will gather and share new issues as we feel inspired to do so. Yes, reclaiming our time and our energies strategically so that we can provide content that pushes readers to think beyond their everyday.

With Love, Light and Inspiration,
Kno. Media + Creative Theory Agency

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