Encouraging Visibility

Ask yourself: What change would you like to see in the world?

In his latest project, Visibility, Philadelphia-based photographer Marcus Branch sheds light on the insights of the young people in front of his lens. The series of portraits features young creatives in Philadelphia who answered one question: What is a change you wish to see in the world?

We spoke with Marcus to chat about the why behind Visibility, his view on identity, what he wants others to takeaway from the project and the change that he would like to see.

“There are many changes I wish to see, but a big one is to bring the white institution down.”
– Mali F., 20

“I wish for unapologetic acceptance and full understanding of where we come from; no shame, no judgment, no labels, restrictions, or molds to fit in.”
– Chloe M., 23

The why.
I believe in our capacity as humans, the power we possess and the ability to shape, challenge, and change the conversation. I am surrounded by incredibly inspiring and dynamic individuals right here in my hometown of Philadelphia; leaders of dialogue and pioneers of change, action and insight. I then thought this is how I can contribute to shaping, challenging and changing the conversation, by inviting them all to simply share themselves.’ I decided to call for people of all backgrounds, all gender identities, all sizes, and all races to contribute to the conversation, to bring forth their voice with the intention of increasing and encouraging visibility, inclusivity, and the celebration of variety.   


“I just want everyone to love each other in a world full of hate. As cliche as it sounds, love brings everyone together. We’re all human, we should just support each other regardless of gender/race.”
– Enthony C., 20

“I want liberation for all trans women, death of white supremacy and capitalism, and the returning of land to indigenous people.”
– Lily K., 23

The identity.

I identify in multiple ways, dependent on the variable, but in terms of gender I identify as a cis man. But that doesn’t encompass nor equate my entire identity as I truly identify as a multidimensional being. Identity is important to me because it’s tied to self worth and self love; to love thyself is to know thyself. It’s as simple as that.


Identity is important to me because it’s tied to self worth and self love; to love thyself is to know thyself. It’s as simple as that.”

“I want to see a change in climate, famine, and racism. I wish things could truly be the way they were supposed to be before people with greed, malice, and ego ruined it.”
– Alexis Z., 21 

“There’s a lot of change I wish to see, but honestly everyone deserves a chance to create.”
– Tyler H., 23 

The takeaway.

I want people to take away a broadened perspective and understanding of the voices and faces around them; I believe that less than hoping to raise awareness, I aimed to take direct action by showcasing a need for these faces, these bodies, and these voices to be not just added to the conversation, but truly heard. My intent wasn’t only realized in the creation, but also in the very act of creating by expanding the spectrum and celebrating those within it.


“I want to see all races, all sexualities, and all genders simply get along and dance together.” – Thomas B., 19 

“The change I wish to see first and foremost, is a new and effective president. As well as for racism, sexual bias, gender bias homophobia and all disgusting views to disappear.” – Jai W-B., 25  

The change.

The change I wish to see in the world is for everyone to truly, deeply see that we are more than capable of being exactly what we can imagine ourselves to be; and I’m talking about owning that insight and committing to seeing it through.

Experience more of Visibility here.

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