A Celebration of Boundary Breaking Creators of Color

And how to tap into your own power as a creative of color.

Creatives of color are naturally change agents. We shift, shake and shape our culture on an ongoing basis but are historically under-credited, underfunded and/or unnoticed. 

That’s why we partnered with Ethel’s Club, the first private social and wellness club designed with people of color in mind, to showcase some of their change making, boundary breaking creatives through a portrait series entitled “Boundary Breakers.” The series of portraits features Ethel’s Club members who answered one question: What does it mean to be outside of the boundaries?

We paired this with the first ever Boundary Breakers event featuring Tamon George and Joshua Kissi to challenge us all to use our creativity to challenge the status quo, be outside the boundaries and champion our communities. 

Meet the artists, entrepreneurs, marketers, musicians and creative minds of Ethel’s Club pushing and redefining boundaries everyday and ask yourself “what does it mean to be outside of the boundaries?”

Sugar Vendil, Composer, Pianist, and Interdisciplinary Artist

My work often pushes musicians to perform choreographed movement, which isn’t totally commonplace. Being outside the boundaries means imagining possibilities and not being afraid to venture into unknown territory.

Khalid Livingston, Culture Advocate and Marketer

To always be in conversation with yourself and others about the possibilities.

Andrea K. Castillo, Owner of Cas Rum Beverages & AKCreative

Being outside of the boundaries is the only way of life I know. To me, it means to live as the truest version of yourself.

Julius Stukes, Digital Content Creator

To take risks that will either leave you broken or happy.

Makeda Sandford, Photographer & Social Media Editor

To be outside of boundaries, one must embrace what makes them unique – all of the intricacies, desires, visions, and history. We have a lot of inner-power when we tap into our quieted creative side and keep our hearts wide open.

Chantal Rochell, On-Air Host & Supervising Producer

Being outside of your boundaries to me means allowing yourself to experience and advocate for things that generations before you never had access to. It also means never allowing a “no” to define the vision I have for my life. Keep going until you get that “yes” sis!

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